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Children are the future of a nation. For an emerging country like Ghana, development of underprivileged children holds the key to the progress of the nation itself, and their education is the cornerstone of this progress. But education for children cannot be achieved without ensuring the welfare of the family – a child can go to school regularly only when the family, particularly the mother is healthy and empowered; the family has decent livelihood opportunities and a steady income.

Realizing this, African Dream Foundation, beginning in the corridors of education, has adopted a lifecycle approach with intensive programmes focused on family health, livelihood and women empowerment, which address the needs of children, their families and the larger community.

Addressing the areas of education of children, healthcare to the poor, livelihood for the youth and empowerment for women, African Dream Foundation has evolved as an Education NGO, Livelihood NGO, Medical NGO, as well as NGO for Women Empowerment.

A cursory glance at the news everyday shows the scale and range of expectations Ghanaians have. Particularistic claims of special entitlement by communities on the coast in the Western Region near the oil fields are jostling with expectations of an employment boom through the creation of oil related and downstream jobs. Alongside these some are proposing that the public income from oil be used to build a new national capital. Certainly there are expectations that the oil and (the less discussed the gas) finds offshore will have a major impact for the good of the country. Then there are the anxieties – about the environmental impacts, about whether our political leaders and more generally the elite, can be trusted to manage the resources in the best interests of all the nation; whether they have the clout to oversee the operation of a sector several times the size of our GDP (a point highlighted by both the Exxon Mobil case as well as the lessons of the explosion of a BP offshore rig in Gulf of Mexico and the subsequent engagement between the US government and BP).

One thing clearly comes up in the minds of all and sundry. Do the government alone have the capacity to meet all the expectations of the immediate Western Region where the oil has been found or the Ghanaian community as a whole? The answer is certainly not. These and many more form the basis of African Dream Foundation to help meet some expectations of the general populace in close consultation and clear collaboration with the Corporate Organizations both in Ghana and those outside Ghana. Most importantly there are a lot organizations who are very much interested in engaging African Dream Foundation to fulfil their corporate social responsibility through our numerous humanitarian projects.

Mission Education

Mission Education is a national level programme of African Dream Foundation, which is committed to providing basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children. African Dream Foundation believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there's no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life; means, because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one's awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behaviour to understanding one's rights, and in the process evolve as a better citizen.

The Moment Community Foundation works for education for needy children who are under difficult circumstances, such as child labour, children of poorest of the parents, children inflicted and affected with HIV/AIDS, EBOLA, street and runaway children, children with rare disabilities, disaster struck children and slum children. Special emphasis is given on girl education and women education, so that they and their families get empowered.

Children are the future of a nation. For an emerging and developing country like Ghana, child education holds the key to the progress of the nation itself.


“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything” – Arabic proverb

Ghana has made rapid strides in the health sector since independence. However, various eye opening data from the Ministry of Health clearly indicate that access to healthcare still remains a challenge. While the health statistics of rural Ghana continue to be poor, the health status and access to health for the poor in urban slum dwellers has surfaced to be equally deplorable. Urban slum dwellers suffer from adverse health conditions owing to mainly two reasons –first the lack of education and thus lack of awareness; and second the unwillingness to lose a day’s wage in order to reach the nearest medical facility.

Health for underprivileged, which is a desperate need, thus remains unaddressed. As a result, cases of poor women health, malnourishment in children and deaths from preventable diseases from such areas are always high.

The neglect in even the simplest preventive medical treatment usually leads to a more serious ailment and eventually into deaths. The need of the hour is thus a two pronged approach – first to bring quality health care services to doorsteps of the needy and second to promote healthcare awareness and contemporary health care seeking behaviour among the underprivileged.

In such a scenario a mobile health care services delivery system is the most practical mechanism. And in subscription to this view, African Dream Foundation has initiated the Moment Community on Wheels programme. This is a unique mobile hospital programme that seeks to address problems of mobility, accessibility and availability of primary health care with a special focus on children and women, in urban slums and remote rural areas.


The youth comprises over one-third of the Ghanaian population which in turn constitutes a major part of the labour force of the country. But according to the reports of the Financial Express “Only 15%of the young graduates passing out of colleges are employable; the rest are branded ‘unemployable’ with Ghana having Unemployment Association.

It is not their lack of theoretical knowledge that causes this. Instead, it is the lack of right skills and attitude. There is thus, an increasing concern among the leading employers of the country, about the dearth of ready-to-deliver employees.

In addition, the macro perspective affirms that, it is crucial for such young energy to be channelized correctly in economic growth and nation building to elude their addition to family woes, social stress and national misery.

The Moment Community Twin E- learning Programme (Step) is such an initiative of Moment Community Foundation that aims at creating a pool of young and independent people, from the marginalized section, through skill enhancement in tandem with market requirements. It is an effort towards bridging the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower in the fast emerging services and retail sectors of modern Ghana.

This national level programme trains the urban underprivileged adolescent youth in English Proficiency, Basic Computer Education and Soft Skills for enhancing their prospects of employment in the fast expanding retail, hospitality and BPO sectors.

Women & Children Empowerment

Various studies, as well as our experience, have shown that when we help women and empower them, the whole society benefits. Their families are healthier, children go to school, income levels improve and communities become more prosperous. But unfortunately in Ghana, far from being empowered, most women are denied even their basic rights like health, education, employment and a respectable status in society.

Brofo ma obuo, meaning self-respect in English, has been initiated in 2012 to address these challenges through a simple yet effective approach. Functioning as an NGO for women, African Dream Foundation has strategically formulated the programme to save the girl child, empower poor and support women empowerment. The programme is specifically aimed at realization of both individual and collective self-esteem and inner strength for marginalised and socially excluded women and adolescent girls through innovative community practices.

A tailor-made strategy called the ‘4 S Model’ has been developed under Brofo ma obuo. The ‘4 S Model’ is an acronym for four novel approaches, namely Seeking Healthcare as a Behaviour, Support for Education, Supporters in Men through Male Involvement, and Sustaining the Change in Communities.

The programme identifies adolescent girls and women from the community and develops them into Change Agents, who in turn actively contribute to the community mobilization process.


African Dream Foundation’s Outreach programme was launched in 2015 to directly implement its development initiatives for underprivileged communities residing in remote villages as well as urban slums across the Western Region.

Outreach has a distinctive approach. It partners with corporate bodies, PSUs and international development organisations for direct implementation of various initiatives in target locations. It differs from the Social Venture Philosophy model of African Dream Foundation in which community based organisations are identified, handheld and made sustainable for implementing the projects on the ground.

The distinct approach of Outreach serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it facilitates a better understanding of the ground realities and challenges encountered in the implementation of a project. Secondly, it also assists the corporate houses, PSUs and international agencies in fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility mandate.

Through Outreach, African Dream Foundation implements a variety of intervention projects. Education is provided to underprivileged children living in remote areas, under Mission Education. Well-equipped mobile hospital units with medical expertise, services and medicines traverse across deserts, forest tracts, hilly terrain and urban by lanes to bring affordable, accessible and accountable healthcare, under The Moment Community on Wheels programme. Besides this, The Moment Community Health Camps, Integrated Community Development and Infrastructure Development projects ensure overall welfare.

Empowering Grassroots

Grassroots NGOs in Ghana have been playing a crucial role in the social and economic growth of the nation, also empowering the bottom of the social and economic pyramid. However, there has always been a need for a dedicated and effective endeavour that is focused on enabling small, genuine NGOs to bring excellence in their efforts.

EMPOWERING GRASSROOTS is a national level programme focused on enabling genuine grassroots NGOs across Ghana to bring excellence, good governance and sustainability in local areas.

Many tailor-made methods on various aspects of capacity building and empowerment such as, Effective Leadership for Development & Strengthening, 5 C Model of Building Organizational Competencies and Good Governance, involving local support for sustainability, better fund utilization, meeting the expectations of donors, good fundraising practices, communicating with the stakeholders etc. are deployed for enabling grassroots NGOs under the programme.

African Dream Foundation intends to build capacities grassroots NGOs under Empowering Grassroots programme within the next two years.

Privileged children

Children are the future of a nation. They are the best change agents, be it in the family or the community in which they live. It is therefore crucial to catch them young and inculcate in them feelings of empathy and conscience so that they grow up as responsible individuals.

Sensing this need, African Dream Foundation came up with Child for Child (CFC) programme in 2012. Sensitization of privileged children and their parents, towards the existing inequalities around them, is an important objective of CFC.

Privileged children are sensitized about the deprivation and pain endured by their less privileged counterparts. CFC seeks to inculcate a conscience and value system in the children so that they grow up to become responsible citizens and change makers. Before their minds are set with age, the CFC programme tries to make them count their own blessings and understand the plight of less privileged ones. Once they start realizing the worth of the privileges they are born with, they automatically turn their thoughts towards positivity and develop the right outlook. This eventually helps them develop into not only successful but responsible individuals in life. They grow up to become significant change makers, who contribute positively to the society. Under Child for Child programme, African Dream Foundation visits various schools and conducts engaging sessions for the young minds. It sensitizes children towards various causes and let them realize their privileged status.

Change Beats

Change Beats” is a musical way to provide a platform for bridging the gap between privileged and underprivileged children on a global scale.

Music is a very effective tool of communication and touches many hearts despite differences in language and geography. ‘Change Beats’ is yet another attempt to change the mind-sets and perception of youngsters living in developed world about their counterparts living in other parts of the world with the help of music.” They all speak the same language and that is the language of music. Through that they get to know each other and respect each other and can spread this feeling to all children throughout the world”.

About change For Children

Change Beats is an initiative of Change for Children. This will be in collaboration with development organizations who fight for a safe environment so that all children and their direct environment are given the opportunity to act as responsible contributors to the society and get education, sound health and protection.

Action for Children

Change Beats is an initiative of Change for Children. This will be in collaboration with development organizations who fight for a safe environment so that all children and their direct environment are given the opportunity to act as responsible contributors to the society and get education, sound health and protection.

Special Support Programme

African Dream Foundation constantly strives to support and empower individuals, particularly underprivileged children enabling them to meet basic ambitions of their life and realize their potential, make informed choices, resist oppression, fight for rightful existence and facilitate new possibilities and opportunities for them.

The Foundation takes up individual cases based on their immediate needs. These individuals are then given educational support, in individual capacity, who are at risk of discontinuing their studies due to impoverished circumstances and have exhibited outstanding academic record. Individuals suffering from any critical diseases are provided support for their health; Specific cases are also taken for rehabilitation wherein they are given educational support, vocational training, entrepreneurship training, counselling and provision for aids and appliances.

Support for education and health is also provided to recognize those children who have performed outstanding deeds of bravery and selfless sacrifices including bravery award winners.

Disaster response

African Dream Foundation will collaborate with the National Disaster Management Organization in dealing with unforeseen disasters.